Energy Union and EU global strategy. The undefined link

The Energy Union strategy is the latest attempt to upgrade EU energy policy. The EU’s global energy and climate policies are going through a period of intense change, and this change has implications for the EU’s foreign and security policies. There is much fluid debate about how the EU should confront the emerging set of challenges that derive from the link between energy policy and security strategies. While efforts are underway to deepen unity among the Union’s member states, doubts remain about how well positioned the EU is to navigate both the positive and negative sides of the evolving international energy and geopolitical context. Against this background, the relationship between energy policies and foreign policy remains under-defined within the new Energy Union.

Shahrazad Far, researcher and project leader, Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC); Richard Youngs, Senior associate, Democracy and Rule of Law Program, Carnegie Europe.

Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS)

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